Romance (1930)

Drama, Romance
Clara Blandick, Greta Garbo
When Rita realizes that Tom still doesn't get it, she tells him that she is the kept mistress of his friend Cornelius. This is too much for him, and he rejects her. Flash forward to Rita's final public performance. Still pining for Tom--her first and only experience of chaste love--she feels too heartsick to perform, but Cornelius persuades her not to let down her public. She's a huge success--and yes, Tom is in the audience. Back at Rita's apartment, Cornelius tries to cheer her up, but she's too unhappy to eat or drink. Cornelius tactfully leaves when he hears that Tom is at the door. Tom tells Rita he can't get her out of his mind, but, as a man of God, he must try to save her soul. He asks her to pray with him, but when they kneel, passion overcomes him, and he tries to make love to her. She tells him that because she finds him irresistible, it's up to him to decide what kind of woman she will be from now on. Tom gets up, wishes Rita well, and leaves her standing in a prayerful attitude. As the bishop ends his tale, Harry asks if he ever heard from Rita again. The bishop shows him a newspaper article, announcing Rita's death in a convent. Harry now feels he should not act too hastily, but the bishop urges him not to deny romance.
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