Three Wise Fools (1946)

Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Lionel Barrymore, Bobby Driscoll, Gary Gray, Margaret O'Brien
1910. Long having lived together, elderly Dr. Richard Gaunght, Judge James Trumbell, and Theodore Findley have had successful professional lives in their chosen fields of medicine, law, and banking, respectively, they believing deep in their hearts that success, in part, due to the blessing bestowed upon them forty years ago by Irishman Michael O'Monahan, known better solely as The O'Monahan. What they are unaware of however but which The O'Monahan was up front about is that it was actually a curse which he bestowed upon them in they disparaging his good name in the love of all three men's lives, Rena Fairchild, choosing The O'Monahan and running off to Ireland with him instead of marrying any of the three of them. The curse was that success would be at the price of unhappy personal lives, which has been the case whether they realize it or not in none of the three ever having found love after Rena, and most people merely tolerating them because of their professional stature. Their past comes knocking on their door in the form of seven year old Sheila O'Monahan, The O'Monahan and Rena's granddaughter, along with her manservant Terence Aloysius O'Davern, who has worked in such capacity for various O'Monahans for fifty years. With no biological relations left in the world, Sheila has been bequeathed upon them for them to act as her caregivers in the form of godfathers, with O'Davern further to ensure that her Irish interests are best served. Initially wanting nothing to do with Sheila let alone take care of her, the three change their mind when they discover that she has something that could get them out of a bind, namely the deed to the Fairchild property. With no interest in money, Sheila will not give up the property, her want to retain it not for outward family heritage, but for inward family heritage in her belief that, like all good Irish, there live fairies, pixies and leprechauns on the property, specifically in the majestic oak tree, despite she never having seen such herself, they who cannot survive without that tree. As the three try to get the deed away from Sheila using whatever above board and underhanded means available with O'Davern looking out for her at every turn, they have to decide on their priorities in receiving the unconditional love of another human being for the first time since Rena in the form of Sheila.—Huggo
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