The Desert Hawk (1950)

Action, Adventure, Romance
Yvonne De Carlo, Rock Hudson, Michael Ansara, Jeff Chandler
Arabian Princess Sharahazade is ordered to marry Prince Murad, who is a despotic ruler over his subjects. A thief known as the Desert Hawk, knowing of her coming and that she has never seen her groom, disguises himself as Murad to get her gifts and has success. The next morning the real Murad is coming, seeing that the reason why he has agreed to the marriage is gone, he orders to fake a massacre commited by the Desert Fox. Due to the fact that the Princess had some doubts and changed clothes with one of her maids, who then gets murdered. The Princess, like the rest of her servants are sold into slavery. Per chance the Desert Fox purchases her on the slave market, while Murad starts a war with a neighbour, trying to make him responsible for backing the Desert Fox, getting suport from the Princess' father. Now the Desert Fox tries to stop the Prince and get the Princess for himself with her father's agreement.—Stephan Eichenberg
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