Hour of the Wolf (1968)

Action, Drama, Horror, Mystery
Max von Sydow, Liv Ullmann, Ingrid Thulin
Alma Borg tells the story of the recent life of and with her husband of seven years, Johan Borg, an artist with some renown. They live most summers in a modest cabin on the relatively isolated Frisian island of Baltrum, which he likes in not wanting to see people. The island is owned by Baron von Merkens, who lives in the big castle on the island with his wife, Corinne. Although the von Merkens don't know the Borgs personally, they know of him and his art. Johan and Alma love each other, but their relationship is somewhat clinical - they rarely, if ever, kiss - unlike the passion that he shared with a former love, Veronica Vogler, about who Alma knows. Johan suffers both from insomnia and nyctophobia, both in combination which are causing problems for him. Rather than confide in Alma those problems, Johan instead writes them all down in his diary. What happens to Johan and what Johan does in light of these problems is affected by Alma getting a hold of his diary and wanting to help him through these issues, and their joint and individual encounters with the von Merkens and their social circle, which includes a person from Johan's past.—Huggo
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