Women in Cages (1971)

Action, Crime, Drama
Pam Grier
Set up as a drug mule Carol'Jeff'Jeffries (Jennifer Gan) is arrested and thrown into a sadistic womens prison run by lesbian guard Alabama (Pam Grier) who takes pleasure in violating and torturing the women inmates. Knowing that Jeff can identify him and other drug leaders, kingpin Acosta (Bernard Bonnin) tries to have Jeff killed in prison rather than securing her release. Acosta coaxes Jeffs heroin-addict call mate Stokes (Roberta Collins) to kill the innocent inmate for more drugs, and also approaches Sandy (Judith Brown) with release if she helps. When Jeff engineers an escape Stokes, Sandy, andAlabamas girlfriend all join in, and in the final showdown pull together to get to freedom.
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