That Man Bolt (1973)

Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Fred Williamson, Jack Ging
In Hong Kong, African-American tourist Jefferson Bolt is imprisoned on a phony charge by the local authorities. In reality, the Hong Kong police want Bolt to work for them as a courier on a sensitive international case involving fake currency and drugs. Bolt, a former officer in the U.S. Special Forces has built a reputation for himself as a successful free-lance courier of extremely valuable packages transported across international borders. His various international clients include banks, secret organizations and even governments. The Hong Kong British authorities know these things and consider him the best man for the job they entrust him with. The mission consists in transporting a secure briefcase containing one million dollars from a Honk Kong bank to Mexico City, via Los Angeles. In exchange for it, they are willing to drop the charges against Bolt and pay him a hefty fee as well. Forced by circumstances, Bolt accepts the task but his voyage is fraught with mortal dangers. Past couriers have been killed during this type of mission and Bolt knows it. During his voyage, Bolt tangles with Asian gangsters, Las Vegas Casino mobsters, paid killers and even Ninja assassins. Of course he is also hit-on by various stunning beauties of all races. During his numerous hand-to-hand combat scenes he employs his karate skills. His adventures also include car chases and shoot-outs with the bad guys. Many shady characters are found dead or try to kill Bolt who still has the money briefcase in his possession and must deliver it to its final destination. If he can make it ..—nufs68
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