The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

Action, Adventure, Thriller
Christopher Lee, Britt Ekland, Roger Moore, Bernard Lee
Francisco Scaramanga, a hitman who is known as "the man with the golden gun", because of the golden gun he carries, and the gold bullets he uses on his targets. Bond receives a message supposedly from Scaramanga saying that Bond is his next target. So M decides to relieve Bond of his duties until the danger has been neutralized. But Bond, feeling that the mission he was on is of the utmost urgency, decides to go and find Scaramanga, and he thinks he found him, but discovers that Scaramanga is not after him when he had a clear shot at him and missed, which he doesn't do. But the man who was killed is the man for whom he was originally looking. A scientist working on a device that can make harnessing the sun's energy possible. So he must now find the device.—[email protected]
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