The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Caroline Munro, Roger Moore, Barbara Bach, Richard Kiel
A shipping magnate, Karl Stromberg, has employed two brilliant scientists to develop a submarine tracking system. Once it is finished, he assures them of multimillion-dollar payouts to their Swiss bank accounts, but not before ruthlessly murdering his young assistant by dumping her into a tank inhabited by a man-eating tiger shark. Shortly afterward, British and Soviet submarines vanish while on routine moves, and Bond is called into action. Also called to duty is his Soviet counterpart, Major Anya Amasova. Though they are initially working against each other, the British Secret Service and K.G.B. begin to work together to find the microfilm that contains the tracking system. Bond and Anya must deal with Stromberg's goons, who have been ordered to eliminate anyone who comes into contact with the microfilm. One of these is Jaws, a seven-foot towering Goliath with metal teeth. When a U.S. submarine is also hijacked, Bond and Anya must move quickly to avert World War III, which Stromberg is hoping to start.—Derek O'Cain
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