Carry on Emmannuelle (1978)

Comedy, Romance
Kenneth Williams, Joan Sims
Emmannuelle Prevert (Suzanne Danielle) relieves the boredom of a flight on Concorde by seducing timid Theodore Valentine (Larry Dann). Together they join the mile-high club in the washroom. She is travelling from US to UK. She returns home to London to surprise her husband, the French Ambassador, Emile Prevert (Kenneth Williams) but first surprises the butler, Lyons (Jack Douglas). He removes her coat only to find she has left her dress on the 'plane!The chauffeur, Leyland (Kenneth Connor), housekeeper, Mrs Dangle (Joan Sims) and aged boot-boy, Richmond (Peter Butterworth) sense saucy times ahead ... and they are right! Emile is dedicated to his bodybuilding, leaving a sexually frustrated Emmannuelle to find pleasure with everyone else. Emile finds this an acceptable compromise. Emmannuelle wants Emile, but Emile won't have sex with her despite her many persistent attempts.Emmannuelle goes to St James Palace & strips in front of the palace guards (to check Leyland's claims that they won't bat an eyelid. Turns out that the guard was gay and hence Emmanuelle's charms did not work on him). She shows up to one of Emile's official parties in a see-through nightie, which had the Prime Minister (Robert Dorning), the chief of justice (Llewellyn Rees), the chief of police (Michael Nightingale), the admiralty (Jack Lynn) & several other distinguished guests. She ends up giving a below the table search to all guests, on the police chief's suggestion that anyone could be carrying a weapon to assassinate the Ambassador. She goes about having sex with almost all of them one by one in their respective offices.When she gets bored, she has sex with the house butler Richmond Lyons & then has all the house servants narrate their story of the most unusual sex they ever had. Leyland talks about how he seduced and had sex with a large, bodied woman, whom he picked up at the pub. He describes her one-bedroom apartment as a penthouse with chandeliers. But then her husband came back home, and they ended up having sex in her closet. Richmond talks about his time in the army during WW II. He was in France, when he met a farmer girl, who helped him hide from German soldiers. The woman exchanges clothes with Richmond. As a result, the woman is arrested, while the German soldier forces himself on Richmond. Richmond runs away and finds a church, where the priest offers him (still in female peasant clothes), a place to stay with his daughter. Richmond ended up staying for several years. Lyons was at the zoo. He finds a like-minded lady, and they try to find a place to have sex, ending up in the gorilla cage, then other animal cages, before Lyons fell into the duck pond. Mrs Dangle was at a Laundrette. She meets a stranger, and they start a flirting ritual with their respective laundry clothes and end up having sex. Emmannuelle's experience was with Emile. Emile was adventurous once upon a time. They had sex while sky-diving. During the descent, Emile got impaled on a pointed roof of a building and since then lost his sexual appetite.Theodore lives with his mother, who suffocates him with her presence. Theodore tells his mother that he loves Emmanuelle, but she looks at him like a child, even though he is 34 years old. Theodore finally tracks down Emmanuelle, but he is spurned by Emmannuelle, who has genuinely forgotten their airborne encounter. Theodore is heartbroken. He wants revenge and follows Emmannuelle to records her sexual escapades on her camera. Theodore calls Emmannuelle late at night to profess his love for her. Emmannuelle has sex with the entire football team (one after the other) in their change room, while the match is going on. Soon, the entire team is lined up outside the change room, with nobody to play the match.Theodore exacts revenge by revealing Emmannuelle's antics to the Press. The entire story is printed on the front pages of the national press. Emmannuelle goes on chat show to clear the air, with host Harold Hump (Henry McGee), but ends up having sex with him. Emile visits the doctor and is assured that there is nothing wrong with him. He returns home to have sex with his wife. However, after a visit to her doctor (Albert Moses), she discovers she is pregnant and decides to settle down to a faithful marriage with Emile ... and dozens of children.
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