The Fox and the Hound (1981)

Action, Adventure, Animation, Drama, Family
Kurt Russell, Corey Feldman, Mickey Rooney, Jeanette Nolan
A wise owl and two henchmen birds see that orphaned fox cub Tod is 'found', adopted and 'raised' by childless human widow Tweed as a happy semi-wild pet in a rural backwater. He even makes friends with canine pup Copper, the apprentice of tweed's grumpy farmer neighbor Amos Slade's hunting dog Chief, who is kept in the dark. As they grow up, Amos takes Copper a season on hunting training, from which he returns as a routine prey killer. After a biter row with Amos, Tweed feels obliged to release Tod in the wild. There he is the prime prize for vindictive Amos and Chief's next great hunt, but both juveniles remember their friendship, leaving Copper with mixed loyalties and Tod challenged to act fox-smart.—KGF Vissers
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