Basket Case (1982)

Action, Comedy, Horror

While leaving home, Dr Julius Lifflander feels something strange on the street and returns home. He locks up in the house, tries to call the police but is attacked and murdered. In New York City, a man named Duane Bradley arrives from Glenn Falls and check in the very low-budget Hotel Broslin. He pays the manager Anthony in cash and stays in room 7, where he opens a basket and feeds something with many hamburgers and reads the medical record from Dr. Lifflander. He looks in the phone book for the address of Dr Harold Needleman and goes to visit him with his basket. The receptionist Sharon hits on Duane and they schedule a date. When Dr. Needleman sees the scars on Duane, he sends him away and unsuccessfully tries to contact Dr. Lifflander. He calls Dr. Judith Kutter, who does not gibe much attention to him, but advises Dr. Needleman to deny anything about Glenn Falls. What is the secret of Duane's basket and what is the mystery of the three doctors?—Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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