Silent Rage (1982)

Action, Crime, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Chuck Norris, Ron Silver, Steven Keats, Stephen Furst
In a small Texas town, mentally ill Vietnam veteran John Kirby (Brian Libby) goes insane and kills two people of a family he was staying with. Sheriff Dan Stevens (Chuck Norris) and his deputy Charlie (Stephen Furst) responds and eventually arrests Kirby, but Kirby breaks out of the handcuffs, hits other officers and grabs one of their guns, forcing the officers to open fire and shoot Kirby. Kirby suffers severe gunshot wounds and is near death.Kirby is transported to an institute where his psychiatrist, Tom Halman (Ron Silver), works along with Medical Doctors Spires and Vaughn (Steven Keats and William Finley respectively), who are also genetic engineers. In an attempt to save Kirby, Dr. Spires suggests that they use the formula they created. However, Dr. Halman objects in light of Kirby's psychosis. Dr. Spires first decides that Halman is right, but then ignores the consequences and proceeds to use the formula once Dr. Halman leaves. The formula makes Kirby nearly invulnerable, leading to the deaths of many more people (which includes Halman and his wife, the two doctors who revived him and Charlie).Sheriff Stevens tracks down Kirby in the hope that he can put an end to the carnage. He finally finds Kirby and is able to throw him down a well. As Stevens leaves, however, Kirby's head comes out of the water, meaning he was not killed, at which point the film ends.
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