Cobra (1986)

Action, Crime, Thriller
Sylvester Stallone, Andrew Robinson, Brian Thompson, Brigitte Nielsen
"Crime is a disease. Meet the cure." Lt. Marion Cobretti, nicknamed Cobra, is a sunglasses wearing, matchstick chewing cop who is all about getting the criminal and breaking the rules. He has the entire department on his back all the time about his very violent and forceful way of getting the bad guys, normally making the punks end up in a body bag loaded with lead issued from his trusty pearl handled Colt .45.But Cobra is set a real challenge when a killer cult is spreading rapidly in the city. The cult kills innocent people, seeming to pick random victims and slaying them with jagged knifes and getting off on the hunted's fear. But they make a huge mistake when they kill a woman at an bus stop and a young model sees them. She doesn't exactly know that they've killed someone, but is extremely scared when one of the killers, a muscle bound and rather deformed looking man, gives her a spine chilling look. Soon the killers are after her! And they kill her photographer, a security guard and very nearly make her meet their sadistic style of murder. Cobra is soon on the scene, with his junk food loving partner, Sergeant Gonzales. They ask the young model, whose name turns out to be Ingrid, if she saw the killers. She says she only saw some people at the bus stop acting very odd and a man who scared her badly.But Cobra's progress into solving the case is halted by the pencil pushing, fat headed Detective Monte, who is always on his case about too much force. He tells Cobra that he's on the Zombie squad for a reason, he's too violent and doesn't please the press.Much too Monte's disgust, the Chief and Captain Sears decided to let Cobra use his street wise talk to fight the killer. Cobra goes through the entire population of the nocturnal seediness of downtown, where all the prostitutes, pimps, bar flies and cons of the city hang out. But he doesn't find any kind of help from these people, they have no idea who the killers are.Cobra soon connects a supermarket killing, that involved a psycho who claimed that he was part of "the new order" who would wipe out the weak and make the strong survive, to the mass murders ripping at the soft under belly of the capital. But Detective Monte's smart mouth antics and somewhat spineless Captain Sears try to stop him from using aggressive force, not caring that Ingrid almost got killed by one of the cult followers, Night Slasher and that numerous other people were slayed in the hospital at night. The Captain agrees to let Cobra take Ingrid to the countryside with Gonzales and a female cop named Nancy Stalk. Little does he know that the heat is going to be turned up instead of cooled off when they leave the city. Nancy is in fact a cult member and leading the Night Slasher and his cronies right to where Cobra is taking Ingrid.While in a motel that's off the beaten track, Ingrid and Cobra realize their attraction to one another. The romantic mood is short lived however, and the cult is back on Cobra's trail. They burn down the motel and almost kill Gonzales. Cobra and Ingrid ride off in a pick up truck and almost meet their end by crashing into a burning car that's blocking the road. Cobra still manages to take some punks down though, with a very nice piece of weaponry called the laser mount sub-machine gun.They end up in a steel mill and finally Night Slasher and Cobra come face to face. In a very psychotic speech Night Slasher says that Cobra's law is weak and that their cult will always survive. This sends Cobra off the deep end and Slasher onto a huge metal hook, that rips through his back and sends him off into a molten vat of metal. Nancy however is still alive and tries to kill Cobra, but she is also killed.After all the bloodshed, Cobra and Ingrid emerged slightly bruised and dirty, from the factory. The Captain congratulates Cobra, but Monte is too proud to actually admit that Cobra won the fight. He picks up his bit about too much excessive force, but earns himself a good punch from Cobra, sending him to the ground stone cold. Ingrid and Cobra ride off on a motorbike into the sunset to Kiss singing "Can you get enough me baby, I can't get enough of you." In true Stallone/ Cobra style, the day is saved and the conveniently pretty chic is too!
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