Alien from the Deep (1989)

Horror, Sci-Fi
Charles Napier
Jane, a Greenpeace investigative reporter, and her cameraman, Lee, manage to sneak onto the tropical island location of an E-Chem power facility. Their goal is to film the irresponsible methods that the corporation uses to generate geothermal energy. In order to increase their industrial output and make extra cash on the side, they toss drums of radioactive waste into a pit that leads to the main magma chamber of an active volcano. Jane and Lee successfully infiltrate the plant and get some incriminating footage. As they start to exit, they are spotted by a security camera. Lee hides the tape near the decontamination chamber before the two head toward the jungle. Lee is caught and held captive in the plant infirmary. Jane gets away, eventually assisted by Bob, a herpetologist who harvests snake venom for pharmaceutical companies. Jane convinces Bob to help her re-enter the plant to rescue Lee. Meanwhile, an alien creature is drawn to the site by the available radioactive leakage. It begins a rampage of killing plant workers by burrowing through the ground and suddenly opening up a hole beneath its victims. The green fluid it exudes causes grotesque infections. Jane and Bob are able to release a highly drugged Lee during a fire crisis at the plant's dock. They leave him in a cave while they return to recover the hidden video cassette. The alien becomes more active.—Garon Smith
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