DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp (1990)

Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Christopher Lloyd, Richard Libertini, Frank Welker, Chuck McCann
Scrooge McDuck, his nephews (Huey, Dewey & Louie), Webby, and Launchpad McQuack are off to search for the lost treasure of Collie Baba and his Forty Thieves. At an excavation site, what should be the treasure, appears to be a bunch of rags and whatnot. However, hidden among them, is a map. As Scrooge examines it, one of the diggers disappears. The digger, Dijon, reports to his master, an evil wizard named Merlock, who has been seeking Collie Baba's treasure, since it contains a magic lamp with a genie inside. Merlock has promised Dijon (who is also a bumbling thief), his own mountain of gold if he obtains the lamp.Scrooge and the others set out to find the treasure, and come across a miniature pyramid. However, it turns out it is the tip of an enormous pyramid that was buried in a sandstorm. After much digging, the pyramid is unearthed, and the group explore inside. After tripping off several traps, they finally discover Collie Baba's treasure. Among them is the lamp, which Scrooge lets Webby have at her request, since he feels it has no value.Dijon is assigned to gather up the treasure in sacks. Unknown to him, the lamp is still in Webby's possession. As he transports the last one, Merlock appears, and sets off another trap, sending Scrooge and his group to a pit of snapping claw-creatures. The group manages to escape out of the pyramid, but Scrooge is upset that his search for Collie Baba's treasure has resulted in nothing.Meanwhile, Merlock has searched through the sacks, and is angered that the lamp is nowhere to be found. Figuring that Scrooge must have it, Merlock transforms into a bird, and flies off towards Duckburg.Back in Duckburg, Scrooge is still in a bad mood having lost the treasure. His secretary, Ms Featherby, shows that he has been invited to a special society part of treasure-seekers, but this supposed good news just further infuriates him, and he heads home.Back at the mansion, Webby is trying to polish her new tea pot (aka the lamp), when it starts hopping around. Suddenly, out of it's spout comes a genie. After talking with Webby and the Nephew, Webby makes the first wish: for a baby elephant. However, the genie chastises her that this can only lead to trouble. As is expected, Mrs Beakley finds out about the elephant and freaks out. One of the nephews wishes the elephant away to keep things under control. Scrooge almost finds out about the genie, but the nephews dress him in street clothes, and say his name is 'G.'After this incident, the group take the genie outside, where they wish for several things, including a miniature train, and a large ice cream sundae.That night, a shadow passing by the nephews' window spooks the genie, causing him to think Merlock has come for him. The genie then explains to the boys about his former master. Merlock was responsible for a number of disasters, including the sinking of Atlantis, and the volcanic explosion of Mt Vesuvius that buried the city of Pompeii. Also in Merlock's possession is a magic talisman, that gives him the ability to have unlimited wishes, as well as change form into any creature he chooses. The nephews assure genie that he'll be safe with them.However, the next day, Merlock and Dijon find Scrooge's mansion. Merlock infiltrates the mansion in the guise of a rat, spooking Mrs Beakley. Meanwhile, Webby also makes another wish, wishing for her stuffed animals to come to life. The mayhem soon creates quite a stir amid everyone, and one of the nephews uses his last wish to return the toys to normal. Though now, Scrooge knows genie's secret, and giddily crows about what he could wish for. Scrooge then wishes for the treasure of Collie Baba, and now in good spirits, decides to attend the societal function, demanding the genie come with him. The nephews and Webby decry this, but Scrooge refuses to listen to their pleas. Scrooge takes off for the function, with Merlock and Dijon following.At the social function, Scrooge happily takes to the stage, but is pulled away by the genie when he spots Merlock in the audience. Both the genie and Scrooge hide from Merlock, who turns into a bear, and then a bird. Once he leaves, Scrooge blames the genie for getting him into this mess. However, the genie tells of what his one wish is, which is to be free and live a life like Scrooge's nephews. Scrooge then tells the genie that they will get him to his vault in the money bin, which should be safe. However, in a mad dash out of the building, Scrooge bumps into a service trolley, and confuses the lamp with a gravy pourer. It is soon after that Dijon finds the lamp and giddily plans to turn it over to Merlock in exchange for the promised mountain of money that he dreams of. Not wanting to be in Merlock's possession, the genie tries to trick Dijon into thinking that he (Dijon) could be his own master.Scrooge and Launchpad take off for Duckburg. Upon arrival, Scrooge is shocked to find that Dijon has taken control of the money bin, and all his assets. The genie explains that he never expected Dijon to wish for Scrooge's fortune, as Scrooge is taken away and locked in jail.Scrooge's family comes to get him out, and they formulate a plan to break into the bin, and get the lamp and genie back. Unknown to them, Merlock has also returned to Duckburg, and has turned himself into a flying roach, following their every move.Scrooge manages to make it to Dijon's residence in the bin, but before he can retrieve the lamp, Merlock appears and takes possession of it. Now in control, his first wish turns Dijon into a squealing pig. His next wish is that the genie transform the bin into a fortress worthy of him. Against the genie's wishes and to the shock of Scrooge, the bin is transformed into a twisted, mountainous castle. Once the transformation is complete, Merlock wishes that his 'new home' be transported back to the desert where he lived.Scrooge angrily demands that Merlock stop what he's doing, only to have the sorcerer wish for Scrooge to be cast out of his home. The genie, against his own will, causes a violent wind storm meant to blow Scrooge off the castle, which is now several miles up in the air.As Merlock laughs, the nephews and Webby use the opportunity to knock the lamp out of his hands. One of them throws it to Scrooge, who misses it, and goes over the edge. Merlock turns into a griffin, and flies after the lamp. Upon claiming it, Scrooge scuffles with the sorcerer, who loses his talisman in the fight. Without it, Merlock returns to human form, and falls to his death. Scrooge manages to obtain the lamp, and wishes for his family and the bin to be returned to Duckburg.Back in Duckburg, Scrooge is overjoyed to have his fortune back, but realizes that he still must contend with the lamp. To prevent the lamp from falling into the wrong hands, Scrooge wishes for genie to become a real boy. Now that he's a real boy, the lamp disintegrates, and genie runs off to play with the nephews and Webby.Meanwhile, Scrooge goes to take a swim in his money bin, only to find Dijon (turned back from a pig because of Scrooge's wish to free the genie) making off with part of his fortune. Dijon high-tails it out of Scrooge's bin carrying off some of his fortune, as Scrooge then gives chase.
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