Mermaids (1990)

Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance
Christina Ricci, Winona Ryder, Cher, Bob Hoskins
Moving is what Rachel Flax is great at. And by this stage, her oldest daughter, 16 year old,Charlotte nows the signs.They move to a little town on the east coast, far away from the big city and right into a sequence of dramatic realisations, young love, new love and a nunnery as a neighbour.How can life be normal when they entire family isn't? Charlotte's obsessed with religion and wants to become a nun! Kate practically lives at the school swimming pool and collects prizes left right and centre. And Mrs. Rachel Flax is selfish, self obsessed and hopelessly promiscious! Kate's father was a one night stand and she refuses to talk about Charlotte's dad, who stole her favourite car.Rachel soon falls for Lou, a sweet and funny shoe store owner. Could this be true love? Or will Rachel botch this one up 'cause of her commitment phobia?Charlotte adjusts to yet another highschool. But hopelessly falls for the sexy local handyman/ church bell ringer/ school bus driver, Joe. Who is about ten years older than her and alot more experienced. And most likely to be the one who ends Charlotte's sexual innocence.What will unfold when Rachel also starts flirting with Joe and makes Charlotte green with envy? And what tradegy awaits poor Kate?
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