Knight Rider 2000 (1991)

Action, Sci-Fi
Carmen Argenziano, Mitch Pileggi, David Hasselhoff, William Daniels
In the year 2000, criminals are frozen, handguns are banned from everyone--including the police, and crime is at an all time low... So why has the mayor been murdered with an illegal handgun? Rookie cop Shawn McCormick is asking these questions while still trying to learn the ropes of the police department. Letting her curiousity getting the better of her, Shawn recovers the murder weapon and begins asking too many questions resulting in the killer, an ex-cop and unfrozen convicted murderer, Thomas J. Watts, to shoot her in the head and leave her for dead. She is saved, however, by a computer chip transplant to her brain, but the resulting damage has caused her to lose her most recent memory. Meanwhile, the Knight Foundation is trying to stay alive in the city by trying to win a contract for their new project, the Knight 4000. The police department wants them out--why should they have to stumble over a freelance organization? The Deputy Mayor Harold Abbey, newly promoted to succeed the late mayor, gives them 30 days to complete the 4000. Russell Maddock, the new Foundation CEO is too proud to ask for help, leaving Devon Miles, still the controlling entity of the Foundation, to look himself. Michael Knight has moved on to a simpler life. Fishing, relaxing, waxing his classic 1957 Chevy every other day, and trying hard to leave his life in the Foundation behind. When Devon shows up to ask for help, he has a hard time being convinced that it is worth it to return, but he finally decides to do so... "only under one condition." Only there is no condition... not anymore. The Knight Industries Two Thousand- or KITT for short, once the cornerstone of AI Technology, has been deactivated and dismantled. Devon and Michael are outraged, Maddock is uncaring, indicating that the Knight 4000 is on it's way, so the old must go. Michael somehow gains the technological knowhow to restore and reactivate KITT, and then place him into his 57 Chevy. KITT is angry for being deactivated and shoved out of the way for ten years, and even more angry that his parts were sold off, and the one part that wasn't recovered, his memory chip, was swapped for a bogus chip. Guess where his original chip ended up... Shawn finds her way to the Knight Foundation after quitting the police department and it is quickly revealed that the transplant has altered her personality. She is more aggressive and less of a team player, but has a superior intellect thanks to her bionic technology. Shawn is hired and brought on board as Michael's partner to help investigate the growing illegal handgun problems in the city. Thanks to KITT's help and their constant investigation, they discover a massive police department conspiracy to sell banned handguns on the black market, but their discoveries place their lives in peril and causes the death of one of the Foundation's own.—Scott Kirkessner
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