Ghost Rider (2007)

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Nicolas Cage, Wes Bentley, Sam Elliott, Eva Mendes
In 1986, the then innocent, seventeen-year-old motorcycle stuntman, Johnny Blaze, struck a bargain with the demon Mephistopheles to spare his father from certain death. Two decades later, the past comes back to haunt Johnny, now a famous daredevil, when the evil entity returns bearing dark gifts in exchange for a favour: to hunt down Mephisto's son, Blackheart, and if Blaze succeeds, he can have his precious soul back. As Johnny becomes the Devil's feared left hand, riding a fiery motorcycle, the legendary Spirit of Vengeance emerges. Now, with his flesh consumed by hellfire when around evil, all sinners will have to pay in blood. Is there an escape from the supernatural, leather-clad anti-hero from Hell?—Nick Riganas
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