The One (2001)

Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Carla Gugino, Jason Statham, Harriet Sansom Harris, Jet Li
What if there is more than one universe and that all of these universes are held together by one single stream of energy. That energy is equally distributed to every living being in each universe and if one of these beings die, that energy is reallocated equally to each other surviving member. With each allocation, a person becomes stronger. Now one universe has mastered the ability of crossing into another universe and a man named Yulaw who believes that, if he can kill all of his counterparts, he will become invincible. But there are those who believe that it might have detrimental effects, so begins the manhunt for the most dangerous villain in the multiverse. Unfortunately, he just has one more person to kill, Gabe Law. Otherworldly police officers follow Yulaw but the madman has committed some unthinkable crimes, leaving Gabe accused and wanted. But Gabe discovers that he has changed, only wanting to kill Yulaw; unaware of what could happen.—[email protected]
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  • James Wong Director:
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rating language release other uploader
1 Arabic subtitle The One sub
0 Brazilian Portuguese subtitle The One siqueira
2 Chinese subtitle The One geocity
2 Dutch subtitle The One Reefer1969
1 English subtitle The One youtoo
0 English subtitle The One youtoo
0 Farsi/Persian subtitle The One sub
0 Finnish subtitle The One sub
1 Greek subtitle The One youtoo
0 Hungarian subtitle The One Krityu
1 Indonesian subtitle The One sub
0 Romanian subtitle The One Amstel
0 Romanian subtitle The One Bodyguards
-1 Serbian subtitle The One bbocko
0 Spanish subtitle The One moe3ius
0 Turkish subtitle The One JackIR