Ferpect Crime (2004)

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Thriller
Kira Miró
Rafael is a model salesman. He is confident, cocky, and enjoys the perks of single life - women, freedom. He is arrogant and women love him. He has or had his way with all the pretty sales girls who work with him. All except one - Lourdes. Everything is going well, and he is pitched against another non-glamorous salesman for the position of floor manager. What should have been a breeze for him to get, turns out to be tougher and his much savored victory, is shortlived when he loses the job to his competitor. His rage prompts him to make snide remarks at the new manager, which results in a scuff and the new manager ends up dead. Though it is an accident, he is forced to cover up his crime, unwittingly because he gets an accomplice in Lourdes, who decides what is right for Rafael. Lourdes has designs for Rafa, and now he is forced to oblige lest she expose him to the cops. This leads him to live the life that was only a nightmare for him till that point. She completely has him wrapped up in her control, with the blackmail, and he grows resentful every day. He gets an adviser from the netherworld, when the dead manager returns with a hatchet on his head to tell him what to do. When Lourdes, decides to force Rafael to marry her, in front of national television, he starts planning the perfect crime. The cops are onto these two, because of the unlikely pairing. Yet they cannot prove it. SPOILER ALERT: He creates a mayhem by setting fire to the store where Lourdes and he work, and as the cops approach him and Lourdes engaged in a scuffle, he manages to fake his death, making sure Lourdes gets blamed for it. We see him after a few years, running a tie shop under a different identity, only to find that Lourdes is now a successful designer and very rich, with her own quirky clown fashioned outfits.
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