Sky High (2005)

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi
Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kurt Russell, Danielle Panabaker, Patrick Warburton
Being the son of two superheroes, young Will Stronghold is sent to attend high school at the orbiting Sky High, which is a school for kids with superpowers and become superheroes. Only problem is that Will lacks having any powers and is immediately sent to the sidekick class with his friends. But the tables are turned when he starts showing that he does indeed have super strength and is then transferred to being in hero class. However, things get difficult when Will starts showing off in front of his friends and his crush Layla finds it difficult to ask him to escort her to the upcoming dance. To make matters worse, a mysterious villain plans to get revenge on Will's family and he will need every ounce of courage to show everyone he is a true hero.—Blazer346
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