Paradise Now (2005)

Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller, War
Hiam Abbass, Ashraf Barhom, Ali Suliman, Lubna Azabal
A resident of Palestine, Khaled is a slacker who works as a motor mechanic and is often rude to customers. He eventually gets fired, and he, along with his co-worker, Said, end up getting recruited by Jamal to carry out a suicide mission in Tel Aviv. Both men are bathed, shaved, and made to look like Israeli settlers, they are then strapped with explosives, and dressed in dark suits. Enroute on their deadly mission, both men get separated, their operation gets compromised, and Said goes missing. With accusation of betrayal, Khaled sets off to try and locate his friend, and if possible, finish their mission.—rAjOo ([email protected])
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  • 2006-03-07 DVD Release:
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  • Hany Abu-Assad Director:
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