I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007)

Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance
Henry Winkler, Michelle Pfeiffer, Paul Rudd, Saoirse Ronan
40-year-old divorced Rosie Hanson is the showrunner for "You Go Girl", a scripted television show aimed primarily at the teenage-girl market. Beyond the drama she regularly goes through with the show's star, diva Brianna Minx who is going through issues in her personal life well beyond the teenager she portrays on the show, Rosie is going through her own teen drama at home as her only offspring, 13-year-old Izzie--wise beyond her years in some respects and still a little girl in others-- is going through her first case of puppy love for classmate Dylan, while doubting that he even notices her as a member of the opposite sex. Both Rosie and her ex-husband Nathan are clinging to their youth with every fiber of their beings, using any available cosmetic options; Nathan has managed to land another girlfriend, but Rosie has not dated since their divorce. Casting a supporting-teen role for the show, Rosie meets Adam Pearl, the only person auditioning who has any real talent, who gets the part despite obviously being well past his teens. On his initiative, Adam and Rosie start to date despite Rosie's concern about their age difference (she eventually learns that he's precisely 29). Regardless of what Rosie does to cling on to her youth and Adam does for Rosie to see him more than the comic persona he puts on to hide his insecurities, the question becomes whether they actually have a future together, with other obstacles thrown in, such as someone behind the scenes trying to sabotage things for her own benefit, Along the way, Rosie turns to an exasperated Mother Nature for advice, lamenting all that her baby-boomer generation has done in society to subvert all that Rosie's generation, the baby boomers, have done in society to subvert the course of nature.—Huggo
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