Superbad (2007)

Action, Comedy
Emma Stone, Seth Rogen, David Krumholtz, Michael Cera
High school seniors Evan and Seth have been best friends since they were kids, Seth the leader who is all talk and no action, Evan on the most part the faithful follower. They are part of the "out" crowd, meaning that they have few other friends and especially few in the "in" crowd. They have done everything together by themselves but their plan to be roommates at college falls apart when Seth is not accepted to their school of choice, Dartmouth. Evan decides still to attend Dartmouth and room instead with their mutual friend, the boyishly nerdish Fogell, which Evan decides not to tell Seth about if only in not wanting to make Seth feel like he is being abandoned for another known quantity. Their initial plans to hang out together by themselves for graduation takes a turn when two weeks before graduation, the pretty Jules invites Seth, and by association Evan, to her house party that evening. Knowing that Fogell is getting a fake ID made, Seth, with Jules' money, offers to purchase all the alcohol for the party. Seth believes that the alcohol is his and Evan's ticket to losing their respective virginities that evening at the party, Seth with Jules, and Evan with Becca, who he knows likes him, but whose advances he has been unable to act upon out of shyness and insecurity. But the road to purchasing the alcohol and being the kings of Jules' party takes a less than smooth path, based largely on Fogell's cluelessness about his new ID, the actions of a couple of adolescently-minded police officers, and Seth and Evan's own attitudes of what they need to do to be popular, if only for this one day. Through the process, Seth and Evan may come to a clearer picture of what their friendship truly means, and where they fit in life.—Huggo
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