Street Thief (2006)

Action, Crime, Thriller

In this mockumentary, Chicago area high stakes burglar Kaspar Carr allows Rob Rodgers to film a documentary about him. He allows Rodgers and his team not only to interview him, although certain topics are off limits, but also provides them access to his planning of heists - which can be up to a year in the making and which always includes what is required to case a place he plans to burglarize - and the occasional burglary itself as it happens. As he steals only cash, he focuses on high cash businesses and those that he can easily case without being noticed as suspicious, such as nightclubs and ethnic grocers. But as what Carr is doing is illegal and highly dangerous, the nature of the documentary can turn on a dime in an instant. At Statesville Correctional Center in Joliet, Illinois, Rodgers also interviews Larry Evans who provides his perspective on being a burglar, that perspective which includes currently being behind bars for his crimes.—Huggo
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