Ghost Town (2008)

Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Alan Ruck, Betty Gilpin, Téa Leoni, Kristen Wiig
Bertram Pincus is a dentist who lives in NYC. He mostly keeps to himself, and pretty much has nothing nice to say about anyone. He reluctantly schedules himself for a routine colonoscopy at St. Victor's Hospital. He requests to be put under general anesthesia against medical advice. When he leaves the hospital, he finds that certain individuals on the street are following him wherever he goes and paying extra special attention to him. It turns out that this growing group of folks is dead, and Dr. Pincus is able to see and hear them because for 7 minutes during his colonoscopy Pincus died during the procedure.The dead are all in need of one last request from their past lives, which is why they haven't moved on to Heaven just yet. Bertram Pincus seems to be the perfect vehicle for their needs, but he refuses to help. Frank, a recently deceased, just so happens to be a former resident of the building that Pincus lives, so he invites all of the ghosts to Pincus' apartment to pester him. Frank vows to make them go away if Pincus would just help his wife from getting married to her new boyfriend whom Frank dislikes. Pincus takes him up on the offer, but then begins to fall for his wife Gwen.Gwen and Pincus actually hit it off pretty well as friends despite her involvement with her boyfriend. Pincus cannot fight his feelings, and begins to really pursue Gwen. She seems receptive, but Pincus' harsh personality turns her off. Is there any possibility that Pincus can control his natural urges of prickly character flaws to win over the fair Gwen or will she be forever turned off? It would figure that it would take something major to happen to make her heart warm towards himself. This is when Pincus accidentally gets hit by a bus, in almost the same way that her deceased husband Frank had. The only difference is that Pincus lives and it seems that the two will live happily forever after.
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