Rosa's Wedding (2020)

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance

In 2019 Valencia (eastern Spain), 45-year-old Rosa is at the edge of the abyss: besides her work as a costume designer for films, she has a second full-time job helping her dysfunctional family. Her older brother Armando is an English teacher who is heading for divorce from his wife Marga, and their two children ignore him openly; her sister Violeta works as interpreter at conferences, feels displaced by her young partners, and fears that she'll be fired because of it; her daughter Lidia lives in Manchester raising her baby sons alone after her husband leaves; her father Antonio, an aging widower who still deeply mourns his wife two years after her death, says he can't live alone in his own house anymore and wants to move in with her; and her boyfriend Rafa is too busy with work to really listen to her when she needs to talk. Overwhelmed, Rosa travels to her birth town Benicassim to visit her mother's former tailor shop. Dreaming of a new life of freedom and happiness, Rosa decides to reopen the shop--and marry herself. While Armando and Violeta frantically search for Rosa when they realize she's gone, Lidia return to Spain with the twins and finds Rosa's house empty of Rosa and her furniture. Realizing where she must be, Armando, Violeta, and Lidia travel to Benicassim and discover Rosa's intention to marry. Assuming that she's about to marry Rafa, Armando consults a wedding planner, determined to give Rosa a stylish wedding, and the news quickly spreads through the town. With Lidia feeling like a stranger to her mother, Violeta receiving bad news about her job, and Armando planning to sell the tailor shop to make extensions to his school, Rosa looks for a way to explain her true intentions before her own wedding gets out of hand.—Chockys
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