Raangi (2022)

Trisha Krishnan
Thaiyal Nayagi is a fearless investigative journalist who works for an online news portal and is committed to promoting equality, democracy, and justice. She finds herself arrested by a special police task force for the murder of Police Inspector Krishnamurthy, but is rescued by a team of FBI and CBI agents. The story starts a few weeks earlier when Thaiyal encounters Inspector Krishnamurthy during a routine police check and records him making inappropriate comments, which she later posts online. The inspector retaliates by sending goons after her, but Thaiyal stands her ground. Thaiyal's niece, Sushmitha, is supportive of her aunt and aspires to be like her. However, she is unaware that she is being blackmailed by a college boy who threatens to release private videos of her. Thaiyal discovers the situation and confronts the boy, discovering that a fake Facebook account was created in Sushmitha's name to talk to boys. Thaiyal gains access to the fake account and find that the girl behind it was being messaged by middle-aged men. Thaiyal lures these men to a hotel room under the guise of Sushmitha and beats them up, warning them against continuing this behaviour.Thaiyal discovers one of the men who messaged Sushmitha, Aalim, did not attend their meeting. Aalim is revealed to be a terrorist from Libya and his organization is wanted by the US authorities. Thaiyal discovers this after connecting a photo Aalim sent with news footage. To find Aalim's location, Thaiyal asks for a photo and receives one of Minister Kumaravel Rajan conducting illegal deals with terrorists. Thaiyal uploads the photo online, leading to the minister's death by Indian authorities. Aalim's superior, Abu Farooq, finds out about the photo and forces Aalim to reveal Sushmitha's location. Thaiyal responds that she is from India, causing Abu to send attackers after Sushmitha, but they are arrested by FBI agents. Abu prepares to execute Aalim but is caught in a military ambush. Aalim saves Abu's life and the latter spares him temporarily. Aalim requests Sushmitha (Thaiyal) to create another ID to text him and later, admits his romantic feelings to her.One day, Thaiyal is arrested by the hate-filled Krishnamurthy, and texts Aalim about it. Aalim, without Thaiyal's knowledge, sends assassins to kill Krishnamurthy. Thaiyal continues to chat with Aalim and learns about his past as a Libyan terrorist. Thaiyal begins to sympathize with Aalim and sends him pictures of her daily life. Aalim travels to Chennai to meet Sushmitha, but Thaiyal rushes to prevent the meeting and is arrested by the special task force. The FBI forces Thaiyal to convince Aalim to agree to a meeting in Libya. Thaiyal and Sushmitha embark on a journey to Libya with the agents. A local taxi driver relays the news of Sushmitha's arrival in Libya to Aalim, filling him with exhilaration.Unbeknownst to Aalim, Abu and his associates have devised a plan for revenge and plan to eliminate Sushmitha, Thaiyal, and the accompanying agents. However, Thaiyal fiercely fights back. Aalim arrives and kills Abu's men to protect Sushmitha, who is unaware of his identity. Thaiyal tries to help Aalim escape, but he cannot understand her language. Abu finds Thaiyal but is shot dead by the FBI agents. The head of the agents orders his men to kill Sushmitha to draw out Aalim, who sacrifices himself to protect her. As Aalim draws his last breaths, he professes his love for Sushmitha and presents her with a talisman she had previously gifted to a taxi driver. Thaiyal is devastated by Aalim's passing and mourns deeply. Afterwards, she and Sushmitha return home to India safely where she writes a book that details the story of Aalim's life.
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