The Macabre (2022)

Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Shy girl Nancy is hosting a party for her horrible "friends". Nancy has all of the luxuries one could hope for to indulge her guests. Nancy has even invited a popular hypnotist to entertain her party. Little do they know that Nancy plans on using her celebrity showman's special talents to reveal herself as the wicked entity she truly is. Nancy's friends will be forced to tell stories that satisfy Nancy's bloody appetite for the Macabre or face a horrible and untimely death. The terror never stops as the story takes a twist at every turn. This true-to-the-genre horror anthology delivers it all. Creatures, slashers, the supernatural, and everything in between. Is it all real? Is this party hell on earth? Or is it just a murderous mind game where Nancy's unsuspecting friends are the pawns?—Eric Mathis
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