Lords of Water (2019)


The increasing commodification of fresh/potable water is discussed as demand increases, and supply, at least in a convenient and usable sense, decreases, this situation only exacerbated by climate change. That demand is in that fresh water is used in almost every human's day-to-day activities. Using existing nomenclature, it as a commodity is often referred to as blue gold, akin to oil being black gold. The test case of the Australia experience, and the emerging situation in California, with state legislation being passed following a recent drought, is presented, both situations in relation to one of if not the most water intensive industries, agriculture. While most see the pricing of water as a good thing in that humans in general will not see it solely as something that can proverbially go down the drain without thought, these test cases have led to some issues and potential issues: the creation of monocultures as farmers as a collective turn from what were a diverse number of crops grown to only those that use water most efficiently; the inability of smaller farmers to survive as the larger corporation farms have the financial clout to withstand anything happening within the water market; the ability of those with water holdings to influence price for their own benefit; and associated with the financial investment sector as an active player whose sole goal in similar resource sectors has been bottom line profit, how to protect water as a natural resource in an environmental sense in its often natural locales of lakes and rivers, and how to provide access to water to all in it being a basic human right as designated by the United Nations, and not just the wealthy who have a greater financial ability to access and use it beyond those basic needs, proverbially to "fill their swimming pools".—Huggo
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