Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix (2007)

Action, Adventure, Animation, Family, Sci-Fi
Tara Strong, Dee Bradley Baker, Steve Blum, Dwight Schultz
This is Ben 10 Season 4 Episode 5, however, it is movie length. This movie serves as the official finale to the series even though it was aired months before the last eight episodes of the fourth season.The omnitrix is a very complex weapon and this episode is a very good explanation and overlook of it. The omnitrix creator is called Asmath. He is of the race of Aliens that Ben can turn into called Grey Matter. While Ben was fighting Dr. Animo with Eyeguy.....he antecedently activates the DNA bomb which enables the Omnitrix in SDM (Self-Destruct-Mode). As Tetrax gets the readings from the Omnitrix he comes straight away. He tells Ben the he must find the creator fast because if he doesn't he will also be destroyed with the Omnitrix. As they land on an alien station or something, they disguise themselves but Ben saw Vilgax there. He planned to defeat Vilgax once and for all. He goes Upchuck and discovers that it was not Vilgax, it was a female of VIlgax's species.She tells him that she is the creator of the watch. Ben and Gwen fight the mysterious alien on the place, everyone was scared of him because Ben was wearing the Omnitrix. Stinkfly was gone mad on it but Tetrax was busy fighting with Sixsix, he leaves him and saves Ben.Tetrax's driver was Pludo, a slimy alien. They a invisible place and discovered that the female Vilgax, Myaxx was not the official creator of the Omnitrix! They then get attacked by Vilgax. They got rid of him safely but Pludo died, while saving Gwen.They reach a place where Wildvines attack, Gwen was captured by one of them, and Ben as Fourarms got mad by seeing this. It was no good but bad because the Omnitrix's self destruct countdown accelerated. Then ben goes Cannonbolt to break the door s of the creator. He turns out to be a Grey Matter!Vilgax attacks again and Ben gets a happy surprise that Gwen was alive all this time. The creator disabled the omnitrix and in no time fixed it and turned it back on. He applies a new alien Way Big, this time Vlgax was out for good. As they go back they get a message that the mall is attacked by zombies. It was a normal day for them after all.
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