Kukira Kau Rumah (2021)


Pram (Jourdy Pranata) is a lonely young man; his father passed away when he was still in middle school and his mother is busy working. Pram fills his days playing music and composing songs while working in a music cafe. Then he meets Niskala (Prilly Latuconsina) and they become friends. Pram doesn't know that Niskala has a bipolar disorder. Niskala hides from her father Dedi (Kiki Narendra) that she's pursuing a college education; her only goal is to prove to her father that she can still excel, even with her condition. Since becoming friends with Pram, Niskala breaks all the rules and promises she made. Pram feels that Niskala can fill his lonely days and can even support him in music. Pram's duet with Niskala receives tremendous appreciation. Pram finally finds out that Niskala has bipolar disorder, but he loves her even more. When Dedi finds out that she's singing in the cafe, he causes a commotion with Pram.—filmindonesia.or.id
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