Devil's Workshop (2022)

Drama, Horror
Radha Mitchell, Emile Hirsch, Timothy Granaderos
Clayton is a young man who is a failed actor. He is trying out for a role as a demonologist and competing with Donald to get it. Clayton thinks Donald is very lucky and always gets what he wants and he thinks Donald will probably get it. They both get a call back to the tryout and in the meantime they each start preparing for the role in their own way. Donald has his two friends help him prepare while Clayton puts an ad out on the internet searching for a legitimate demonologist.Clayton meets Eliza, a demonologist, who answered his ad. She tells him that he has evil spirits inside of his mind and they will need to do a ritual to purify him. At first Clayton is wary and doubtful of her but eventually he starts listening to what she has to say. During the purification ritual Clayton is supposed to keep his eyes shut but he opens them to see her holding a knife about to stab him. He freaks out and is about to leave but she convinces him to stay. He is still not sure if she is crazy or not.She drugs him with tea and he hallucinates that she is his mother. She brands him with a hot iron sigil and makes him repeat some words. He wakes up naked paralyzed in her bed while she is stroking his back and talking about how she always wanted a son. Then she starts pouring gasoline on him. He tries to crawl away but she shows up and starts peeling off all of the skin on her face. And then she climbs on top of him and starts riding him. Finally she sets herself on fire, which ignites Clayton too.The ending shows Donald at the follow up try out for the role. After he leaves the selectors say that he was terrible and they wished that Clayton had followed up because they really liked him.
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