The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special (2020)

Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Omar Benson Miller, Matt Lanter, Grey Griffin, Dee Bradley Baker
The crew of the Millennium Falcon has traveled to Kashyyyk to celebrate Life Day with Chewbacca's family. Before the party starts, Rey trains Finn in lightsaber combat. After the training proves unsuccessful, Rey searches through the Jedi texts for advice. She reads about a Jedi Temple on the planet Kordoku that houses a "key to the galaxy's past" that only works on Life Day. Rey travels with BB-8 to the Temple, against the wishes of her friends, who don't want her to miss the party.The key to the galaxy's past turns out to be a crystal that opens a portal through space and time. Rey and BB-8 use it to observe several Jedi masters and apprentices throughout the Star Wars saga, including Episode-V Yoda and Luke, Episode-I Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, Episode-II Obi-Wan and Anakin, and Episode-IV Obi-Wan and Luke. Meanwhile, on the Millennium Falcon, preparation for the party is going badly due to Rey's absence.Rey decides to observe Episode-VI Palpatine and Vader and then return to the party. When she steps through the portal, she sees Vader giving a "Galaxy's Best Emperor" mug to Palpatine as a Life Day gift, which Palpatine doesn't like; this prompts Rey to leave. However, Palpatine and Vader notice the portal, and Palpatine makes Vader step through it to see what it is. Meanwhile, the Millennium Falcon party is still not going as planned, prompting Finn and Rose to send a distress signal.Vader draws his lightsaber and demands that Rey give him the key. They accidentally open the portal, with Rey and Vader (minus BB-8) traveling to Episode-V Hoth, where Episode-V Vader enters the Rebel Base. Episode-V Vader and Episode-VI Vader fight each other before realizing that they are the same person, and commanding the snowtroopers to kill Rey. Rey and Episode-VI Vader go through the portal with a pair of snowtroopers. They continue going through portals, accumulating new characters, before ending up on Episode-IV Tatooine where everyone they have accumulated fights each other in one big battle. Rey and Vader continue fighting on their own, but then meet Episode-IV Luke, and the three of them accidentally travel back to Kordoku. Vader takes the key and travels back to the Episode-VI Death Star and destroys BB-8 in the process, leaving Rey and Luke stranded.Palpatine decides to travel forward 30 years, expecting to still be ruling the Galaxy. He and Vader end up in the closet of Kylo Ren's throne room shortly after the events of Episode VIII. Kylo notices them, and couldn't be happier to meet them. Palpatine is furious when he finds out that he is no longer Emperor, and Kylo tells them the story of how Vader betrayed Palpatine and threw him down a reactor shaft. Meanwhile on Kordoku, Luke repairs BB-8.Palpatine realizes that Kylo is a suitable replacement for Vader, and they go back to the Episode-VI Death Star, with Vader following. Meanwhile, on the Falcon, many of the characters from previous episodes receive the distress signal and come to the party.Palpatine sends Vader down to the Forest Moon of Endor to fetch Luke, and officially makes Kylo his apprentice. On Kordoku, Yoda's Force ghost talks to Rey and shows her the Falcon, and how everyone is celebrating and having fun. Yoda then shows Rey the earlier scene where she was training Finn, and how she was so focused on the books that she forgot about the personal connection. Rey then uses the crystals in the temple walls to generate a portal to the Episode-VI Death Star.On the Death Star, Palpatine tells Kylo that when Vader and Luke return, he will throw them down the reactor shaft. Rey then walks through the portal with BB-8 and Episode-IV Luke. Kylo knocks Luke unconscious and attempts to kill him, but Rey stops him. Vader and Episode-VI Luke then show up, having heard Palpatine's plan. They fight each other before Rey obtains the key and sends Kylo back to his own time. Palpatine knocks Episode-VI Luke unconscious and severely harms Vader before asking Rey to join him. When Rey refuses, Palpatine takes back the key and attempts to go back in time and rule the galaxy by himself. Episode-VI Luke wakes up and stops Palpatine. Rey then takes Episode-IV Luke back to his own time, and Vader throws Palpatine down the reactor shaft. While falling to his death, Palpatine rejects his evil ideology, having changed his mind about Vader's Life Day gift. Rey then takes all of the characters in the battle on Tatooine back to their own times and goes back to Kordoku with BB-8. Rey and BB-8 go back to Kashyyyk, and Rey tells Finn that she is ready to train him. It then starts snowing, and everyone goes outside to play.
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