As Gouda as it Gets (2020)

Action, Comedy, Romance
Clayton Chitty, Daniel Brochu, Kim Shaw
Brie Belanger owns and operates her own artisan cheese shop in Montpelier, VT, she having learned the love of cheese and the craft of cheese-making from her now deceased grandfather, his own cheese shop long having went under when the corporate entity of Lambert Farms opened a retail store in the neighborhood specifically to put him out of business when he refused to sell to them. Knowing that it would be held in Montpelier, Brie put off entering her best cheese, a four year aged smoked Gouda, in the state artisan cheese competition until this year, the competition generally won by Lambert. Largely keeping to herself in the industry, Brie, knowing him by name and reputation only, is unaware that the latest customer buying a number of cheeses in her shop including the smoked Gouda is Jack Wolfe, one of the most influential online cheese critics and author of a highly regarded cookbook on cheese fondues, he in town for the cheese festival. While he does give the Gouda a more than positive review, it is the "but" that makes her not fully trust him, specifically his palate. Regardless, he is able to convince her to let him feature her in a profile for his website. As Brie and Jack start to fall for each other, they push each other to strive for their goals, for Jack it being to return to his love of being a chef not solely if at all tied to the cheese fondues for which he is known. Things hit a bump in their road when Brie learns of Jack's ties to Lambert, most specifically Matthew Lambert who has just taken over reigns of the Lambert family business. Regardless of if Matty is or is not like his grandfather, Brie believes she can overcome anything Lambert throws at her if she wins the championship, it not as easy as producing the best cheese in she knowing her cheeses, especially the smoked Gouda, are heads and tails superior than anything Lambert could produce.—Huggo
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