The Lucky One (2012)

Action, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Romance, War
Zac Efron, Taylor Schilling, Blythe Danner, Jay R. Ferguson
US Marine Logan Thibault is on his third tour of duty in Iraq. The morning after a deadly battle, he spots among some rubble a photograph of a young Caucasian woman, with only the words "Keep Safe X" scrawled on the back. In retrieving the photo, he misses being killed by a bomb that hit where he was just sitting. Carrying the photo looking for its owner, he, unable to find that person, encounters one near miss after another, leading to his surviving comrades and himself believing the photograph and by association the woman his guardian angel. Back in the States, he, suffering from PTSD exacerbated by guilt over surviving when many of his colleagues died in battle, goes searching for the woman, who he believes may bring some semblance of meaning back into his life. With only a partial landmark in the photo background, he is able to trace her to the small hamlet of Hamden, Louisiana. She is Beth Green, and the photo belonged to her brother, Logan's fellow Marine Drake Green, whose death in Iraq is still under investigation but which the military believes may have been by friendly fire. In her grief, Beth, a single mom to eight year old Ben, has temporarily left her teaching job while she and Ben live with her "Nana" and helps at the family's kennel business. Logan is unable to tell Beth the reason for his visit as Nana hires him to work at the kennel. Able to get over her initial mistrust of Logan, Beth eventually falls for him, who becomes an integral part not only of the business but in the Green's family life, especially as a male role model for Ben. Logan and Beth having a happily ever after is threatened by the truth of why Logan came to Hamden, and by Beth's ex-husband, Deputy Sheriff Keith Clayton, who still treats Beth like his possession, and who uses his position as law enforcement and the family name - his father being a judge who is running for Hamden mayor - to get what he wants, which includes threats of suing for full custody of Ben.—Huggo
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