Darlings (2022)

Action, Comedy, Drama, Thriller
Alia Bhatt, Roshan Mathew, Vijay Varma, Shefali Shah
Badrunissa (Badru) and Hamza are very much in love and decide to get married after Hamza gets a government job as Ticket Collector in Indian Railways but Badru's mother Shamshunissa isn't happy with her choice.Three years later things are not good between Badru and Hamza as he has turned alcoholic and frequently beats Badru and wants her to live according to him moreover also opposing the redevelopment plan of his building.Shamshunissa is very much aware of her daughter's daily abuse and wants her to return home but Badru lives with a hope that someday Hamza will change.Zulfi a common friend of Badru and Shamshunissa complaints to police about Hamza being a wife beater but in police station with his sweet talks Hamza convinces Badru to take the complaint back.On their way home Hamza attacks Shamshunissa and Badru is left to make a choice between her mother and husband following which she chooses Hamza forcing the mother and daughter to break ties with each other.Few days later Badru finds about her pregnancy and unites with Shamshunissa around the same time Hamza finds from Inspector Jadhav that Zulfi had complained against him and Badru is very much aware of it.Hamza suspects an affair between them and pushes Badru downstairs leading to her miscarriage but Badru does not stop here she decides to held Hamza captive in their house and torch er him the same way he did to her.—[email protected]
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