Beckenrand Sheriff (2021)

Action, Comedy

The local outdoor swimming pool in Grubberg is a thorn in the side of the mayor (Gisela Schneeberger). It is at best, is way overpriced and therefore should be closed. The builder Albert Dengler (Sebastian Bezzel) then only sees dollar signs, because the large surface area offers space for many apartments. But lifeguard Karl (Milan Peschel) cannot and will not accept that his job, where he has been responsible for public order for 30 years, is about to be changed. To save the outdoor pool, he could start a citizens' initiative, for which he would have to collect at least 600 signatures. But that will be difficult, because the remaining swimmers are not on good terms with the pool sheriff. Especially Dr. Rieger (Rick Kavanian) regularly drives Karl crazy. Meanwhile, his Nigerian lifeguard trainee Sali (Dimitri Abold) is well integrated - almost better than Karl. But Sali really only wants to go to Canada. When Sali meets professional swimmer Lisa (Sarah Mahita), he begins to question his plan. Should he stay, help Karl and save Lisa's refuge?
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  • 2022-01-28 DVD Release:
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  • Marcus H. Rosenmüller Director:
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