Fixing Up Christmas (2021)

Comedy, Romance
Bethany Brown, Jessica Harmon, Marshall Williams, Matthew Kevin Anderson
Holly works as an event planner and aims to get a promotion to handle bigger events. Leading up to Christmas she gets a job to arrange a Christmas party for an architectural firm, which could help her with her promotion. The condition is that she must work together with Theo, the son of the firm's owner and CEO. The company is in the bidding for a prestigious project and they hope to show the local mayor that they are the right company for the job and as the mayor likes traditions, much is in the balance for this Christmas party. The problem is that Theo does not appreciate how important this is and wants to concentrate more on the technical presentation. Can Holly get him to understand the importance of Christmas traditions and help him win the contract?—Devnull
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  • 2023-10-06 DVD Release:
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