Psycho Sweet 16 (2022)

Drama, Thriller
Bailey Bass, Heather McComb, Kate Orsini
Cindy Montrose (Kate Orsini) is having a bad day; she is let go from her job as an IT manager because corporate reconfiguration and the fact she was off for months due to back surgery. Cindy is still dependent on the pain pills three months after she was supposed to no longer be needing them. Cindy drives to her boyfriend Rob's home. Rob (Drew Waters) breaks up with Cindy for a new woman named Melanie. Cindy leaves to pick up her daughter Dylan (Bailey Bass) who is at a track meet.Cindy tries to keep up a happy facade for her athlete daughter, Dylan. That is until she crashes her car because she has been abusing painkillers. Both Dylan and Cindy are uninjured, but Cindy is charged with reckless driving and endangering a minor. Cindy decides to check herself into rehab for three months so she can be the mother that Dylan deserves. Dylan will have to move away from Savannah to live with her aunt and uncle two hours away in Peachtree City. Dylan will miss school and friends as her sixteenth birthday approaches.By the time Dylan and her mother Cindy travel to Dylan's Aunt Shannon (Heather McComb) and Uncle Scott's (Victor Turner) home, Dylan is not worried about her mom. She is less than thrilled about relocating, missing her school and friends, and just wants a bomb sweet sixteen party. Her Aunt Shannon is thrilled to have the opportunity to throw her niece a sweet sixteen party. Dylan unpacks and her mother promises to do everything in her power to be back for Dylan's party. Cindy tells Dylan that she is taking a cab to the airport early in the morning and that her Aunt Shannon will take her to school the next day. Mother and daughter have been together since Dylan's father died and share a tearful goodbye. Shannon has a meeting the next morning, leaving Dylan to enter Fair Hills High School on her own. At her new school, Dylan meets a nice girl named Julia (Kassidy Slaughter). In their chemistry class is Tiffany Hartley (Courtney Lauren Cummings) is a popular girl who definitely is not nice and possessive of her boyfriend, Jonah (Cade Gass). Tiffany's first impression of Dylan is not positive when the chemistry teacher Mr. Dixon (David de Vries) makes a positive example of Dylan who answers a question about the definition of molecules that Tiffany could not answer. Jonah is on the track team, learns of Dylan's talent, and offers to introduce Dylan to the coach. Meanwhile Julia turns in Tiffany for cheating off her test in Spanish class which rekindles a feud between the girls.Dylan reports to her aunt that she had a pretty good first day at school. Shannon suggests they check out Harcourt Manor as a potential location for Dylan's sweet sixteen party. This preempts Cindy's invitation to see her daughter that weekend.Meanwhile, Tiffany is critical of everyone including her mother Gloria (Julia Denton) at home. Tiffany, seeing her mother scratching, gets some poison ivy and rubs it all over Dylan's new track uniform and delivers it with Maya (Sid Noelle) to Dylan in library to wear for her track tryout. Dylan breaks out into a nasty rash and leaves her tryout unfinished. Jonah is not impressed with his girlfriend's behavior, but he does not break up with her. Julia immediately knows Tiffany's status seems threatened by Dylan and caused Dylan's poison ivy. Julia warns Dylan to keep clear of Tiffany.At home, Shannon learns of Dylan's rash and suggests she invite a friend from her old school to visit for the weekend. As Tiffany and Jonah are doing homework together, Tiffany learns that her plan may not have been entirely successful as Coach Howard (Stu James) of the track team may give Dylan another try out.Dylan is assigned to be Jonah's tutor because he is failing chemistry. That weekend, Natalie (Kaylan Montgomery) visits Dylan. Aunt Shannon and Dylan meet Natalie at Harcourt Manor. books They book the venue for May 14th for Dylan's sweet sixteen. Tiffany's mother calls Harcourt Manor to book the same date for Tiffany's sweet sixteen party but learns it is no longer available. When Tiffany learns it is Dylan's family who interrupted her plans, Tiffany vows revenge. Dylan, Julia and Natalie enjoy a sleepover.The next day, Jonah is out for a run when Tiffany calls. Tiffany discovers the Jonah has a study date with Dylan at 5:00 p.m. that day. Meanwhile, Dylan is picking out a dress with Julia and Natalie. Julia tells the others how Tiffany changed after her parents got a divorce. Natalie goes home. Dylan shows her new dress to Shannon. Both are excited that Cindy will be able to attend Dylan's first track meet at her new school the next day.Tiffany stalks Dylan and Jonah and looks into the window while they study. Tiffany overhears Dylan explaining to Jonah how she came to Fair Hills high school and that her mother is in rehab. Back home, Tiffany scrolls through Dylan's social media pages as her mother scolds her for using the car without even having a driver's permit.Cindy is released from rehab for good behavior and watches her daughter's track meet. Tiffany and fellow cheerleader Maya spike Cindy's lemonade. Dylan wins the 400-meter race. Cindy begins to feel ill stumbles around while Tiffany records her on her phone. Then Tiffany pretends to help Cindy and slams Cindy's head into a wall knocking her unconscious. Dylan, Shannon and Scott find Cindy laying on the ground. The family is disappointed in Cindy's apparent relapse, though Cindy claims she took nothing at all. Dylan is upset her mother created a scene at her new school. Tiffany learns her mother failed to dislodge Dylan's family from the reservation at Harcourt Manor for her party. Tiffany breaks a plate in response.In chemistry class, Tiffany learns that Jonah is helping Dylan fix up an old bicycle she found in Shannon's garage. Tiffany's continued conversation forces Mr. DIxon to reassign Tiffany to work with Julia and Jonah to partner with Dylan. Tiffany storms out of the classroom without permission. Tiffany hangs flyers about Dylan's addict mother in the hallway of school. Dylan and Julia quickly remove them. Julia stops by Shannon and Scott's home to pick up Dylan to attend a party. Scott and Shannon reveal that Scott was able to book the popular DJ Joe for Dylan's sweet sixteen.Jonah hosts the party and invites Dylan and other friends. Tiffany is there and Miya really wants to play Truth or Dare. After daring Maya to kiss Brian (Brice Anthony Heller), Tiffany asks Dylan if she is trying to steal her man and ruin her sweet sixteen. Tiffany tells Dylan to cancel her party since Tiffany claims that Dylan does not have enough friends to fill up the place. Jonah not only volunteers to attend Dylan's party, but offers to be Dylan's date for the event. Tiffany threatens Jonah and the outburst causes Jonah to break up with Tiffany. Tiffany breaks Jonah's car windshield with a shovel as she leaves the party.Shannon takes Dylan to visit her mother at the rehab clinic. Dylan is interested in discussing how to deal with all the drama with Tiffany with her mother. As they talk, Dylan and her mother come to the conclusion that spiking her mother's drink at the track meet and Dylan's uniform incident with poison ivy were attributable to Tiffany because Dylan had booked the location for her party at the same date and venue desired by Tiffany.Tiffany's mother Gloria is summoned to the school by Mr. Dixon to discuss Tiffany's disruptions in class. When her mother said Tiffany has had difficulty with her breakup with Jonah, Mr. Dixon suggests Tiffany and her mother meet with a guidance counselor to make sure Tiffany does not go down a bad path. After Jonah accidentally gets bike oil on Dylan's shirt, he takes Dylan to his bedroom to change into one of his t-shirts. They attempt to kiss but bump heads after Jonah ask Dylan to take him as his date to her sweet sixteen party.After class, Mr. Dixon corners Tiffany and tells her that he thinks she needs to talk to a guidance counselor or therapist about her slipping grades and attitude. Tiffany blames Dixon for separating her from Jonah in his class and pairing him up with Dylan. Dylan overhears the conversation. When Dixon encounters Tiffany again, he reiterates the need to get Tiffany some help. Tiffany presses Dixon backwards causing him to fall down a flight of stairs. The next day, Dylan is telling Julia of her kiss with Jonah when they learn about Dixon's death. Coach Howard takes over for his class for the day and runs a study hall. Tiffany has no sympathy for Dixon's death in a conversation with Maya. Dylan and Julia continue planning Dylan's birthday party feeling their friends could use the distraction. Dylan video chats with her mother and tells her about the conversation she heard between Dixon and Tiffany just before his death. Cindy warns her daughter to stay away from Tiffany.Tiffany plots with Maya to get Dylan's sweet sixteen party canceled. Tiffany plans to anonymously call in a tip that members of the track team are using drugs. Drug tests will prove that at least some members are using which will cost them the next meet and the opportunity to participate at state. Because Dylan is so anti-drug, students will assume Dylan made the call. Maya is hesitant to participate, but Tiffany threatens to tell her parents about a previous indiscretion to ensure her involvement. During a pep talk at track practice, Coach Howard gets a call about team members using illegal substances. He immediately suspends practice. Dylan shares the news with her aunt. Dylan assures Aust Shannon that she has no interest in taking drugs after the experiences of her mother. QTiffany and Maya start rumors circulating that Dylan made the call to the school office and told on the track team for partying. At school the next day, students are either staring at or avoiding Dylan. When she bumps into Brian with her lunch tray, Brian accuses Dylan of ratting out the track team members. Dylan denies the accusation. When Dylan rides her bike to Jonah's house, Jonah tells Dylan that Dixon's tutoring arrangement is off the table. Dylan thinks they can just hang out, but Jonah talks about the importance the track team has to his future plans. Dylan denies calling in the tip, but Jonah is skeptical and sends her away.In a conversation with her mother, Dylan is convinced that Tiffany is behind the rumors. Dylan asks her mom to do some computer hacking to see if she can trace the call made to the school. Cindy reluctantly agrees to try. Jonah is playing video games when Tiffany stops by and tries to rekindle her relationship with Jonah. Jonah stalls her and asks for time to think.The next morning, Dylan asks Shannon to go see her mother rather than go to school. Without Dylan, Julia takes the brunt of Tiffany and Maya's harassment. Cindy finds proof that Tiffany made the call to the school by comparing phone records on Tiffany's phone and the school's answering service records. Dylan, her aunt, and her mom call the school to report Dylan is being bullied over the situation and the phone call was made without just cause forcing the school to start their own investigation.Julia is at Dylan's house after school and reports to Dylan that rather than investigating the track team, the school is searching for the source of the prank call. Tiffany realizes that her plan to stop Dylan's party has backfired and she is not going to get the venue or date she wanted for her sweet sixteen party. Tiffany and Maya drive out to Harcourt Manor. Tiffany picks the lock on the door. They dump gasoline everywhere inside the building and set the place on fire, before hurriedly driving away.The next morning, Tiffany's mother asks Tiffany why the car was missing from the driveway the prior evening. Tiffany tells her mother she does not want to know. Meanwhile, Maya is texting and is worried and feeling guilty about the crime she and Tiffany committed and is beginning to crack under the pressure.Shannon, Scott and Dylan hear a news report about the fire at Harcourt Manor on the television news. Dylan believes her party is cursed. Julia overhears a conversation between Maya and Tiffany in the bathroom where Tiffany is demanding the Maya stay cool and calm about their mischief. Julia calls Dylan who is taking another day off of school and tells her about the conversation she overheard where Maya is fearful of her parents' reaction if she is discovered involved in the fire. Dylan begins to plot to get Maya to tell the truth.Dylan calls her mother. Cindy is able to hack into Tiffany and Maya's text conversation that morning discussing the fire. Meanwhile, Jonah is bummed about Dylan's party as he really wants to be her date and tells Julia exactly that. Gloria tells her daughter Tiffany about the fire at Harcourt Manor and is relieved they booked Tiffany's party for an alternate location.Julia reports to Dylan that Tiffany is promoting her last minute sweet sixteen party at the Montgomery Creek Inn at school since Dylan's party was likely to get canceled. She also tells Dylan about her earlier conversation with Jonah which pleases Dylan.On the night of the party, Tiffany is dressing for her party. Meanwhile, Dylan stops by Maya's home and presents Maya evidence that she knows about the fire by quoting Maya's texts with Tiffany. Maya tells Dylan everything that happened including how Tiffany initiated the crime while Dylan is recording their conversation on her cellphone. Later that night, Shannon, Julia and Dylan are standing outside Tiffany's party to watch the police arrive, interrupt Tiffany's party, and arrest Tiffany.Sometime later, Dylan ends up having a sweet sixteen party at her Aunt Shannon's house. Cindy and Jonah are there. Jonah gift Dylan a pair of fuzzy dice and then leads her out front of the house revealing Dylan's family's gift of a new Jeep. Everyone is happy including the ever-present cicadas
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