Saying Yes to Christmas (2021)

Action, Drama, Romance
Sabrina Grdevich
June is an associate editor at a large children's-book publisher and is working hard to become an editor. Suddenly her demanding boss tells her to go home to her parents over Christmas. It turns out that famous children's-story author Sally Wells is spending Christmas with her daughter in June's hometown. Sally has just quit her old publisher and June is sent home to try to sign her with their company. If she succeeds there's a job as an editor for her. At home she meets her childhood friend Blake. They always competed with and challenged each other; in one challenge Blake wishes that June had to say yes to all Christmas activities, something she does not have time for as she's there to work. Suddenly June discovers that she's unable to say no to anything Christmassy but accepts everything against her own will.—Devnull
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