Afwaah (2023)

Action, Drama, Thriller
Bhumi Pednekar, T.J. Bhanu, Nawazuddin Siddiqui
During upcoming elections communal riots erupt between Hindu and Muslim where the government is forced to impose section 144.Vikram Singh who takes his rally from one of the riot's area is attacked by a mob where his henchmen Chandan kills one of the attackers.Nivi fiance of Vikram isn't happy with the kind of actions Vikram is taking and elopes from the house where she is chased by Vikram's goons.But gets rescued by a Rahab Ahmed whose approaching for the book launch of his wife and Nivi escapes in his car.After the incident Vikram's goon chase their car and want Rahab dead but Nivi promises to save him on the other hand Vikram orders corrupt cop Tomar to kill Chandan to save his political career but he mistakenly shoots another person.Also to save his political career Vikram spreads a rumor on social media about love jihad where a Muslim man has eloped with a Hindu girl.The video goes viral within no time creating tense situation in the city.While Nivi and Rahab are running allover to save their lives they land up with Chandan in a truck which is said to be smuggling beef and is the major cause of the communal riots.—[email protected]
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