The Artist (2011)

Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance
Missi Pyle, John Goodman, Ed Lauter, Malcolm McDowell
It's the end of the 1920 and matinée idol George Valentin is the star of Kinograph motion pictures. He's a good man, even helping out a young dancer, Peppy Miller, get her first break. Times are changing however and studio head Al Zimmer sees talking pictures as the future of the industry but George thinks that's ridiculous. As Kinograph goes in a new direction, George decides that he's going to produce and direct a great - but silent - film, Tears of Joy. When the film does little business at the box office, George is destitute. Peppy Miller meanwhile has a hit movie, Beauty Spot and learning of George's situation, decides to help him out.—garykmcd
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