Gimme Shelter (2013)

Action, Drama
Brendan Fraser, Rosario Dawson, Vanessa Hudgens, Ann Dowd
Agnes "Apple" Bailey (Vanessa Hudgens) is a 16 yr old girl who was abandoned by her father before she was even born, taken from her mother June's (Rosary Dawson) custody several times into foster cares, physically and sexually abused at these homes, juts to return with her biological mother who abuses her too. Tired of it all, Apple runs to New Jersey to ask for her father's help, a wealthy broker in Wall Street named Tom (Brendan Fraser), who has since then married and has two children. When Tom and his wife find out Apple is pregnant they urged her to abort or leave their house, which she does. And after a nearly lethal car crash, she ends up in the hospital where she meets Father McCarthy (James Earl Jones) that wants to help her by introducing her to Kathy DiFiore (Ann Dowd) who runs a shelter for pregnant teenagers, but June wants to taker her back to her place to use the child as means to get Social Security. Not wanting to return with her mother, Apple agrees to go to Kathy's home where she unexpectedly finds the family, love and support she has always yearned for thru the other teen mothers and Kathy herself who has dedicated 20 years of her life to take care of teen mothers.
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