The Kate Logan Affair (2010)

Action, Drama, Thriller
Alexis Bledel, Mike Paterson, Katy Breier, Kate Drummond
FOLLOWING A COP CAN GET YOU IN REAL TROUBLE WITH THE LAW.An intense, fast-paced, noir thriller THE KATE LOGAN AFFAIR tells the dark tale of a case of mistaken identity and the unraveling effect it has on the lives of several people. When Kate Logan, a young policewoman, stops Benoit Gando, a French insurance executive who she mistakes for a wanted felon, she fears that he will tell her superiors about her error. To dissuade him from doing so, Kate seduces him and he succumbs to her advances. Little does Benoit know that he's started down a dangerous path that will not only lead him into real trouble with the law, but that will irrevocably change his life forever.
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