10 Reasons Why Men Cheat (2022)


JAGUAR is a sweet and stylish young woman with money to burn. In the midst of a bad relationship with her boyfriend OLIVER, a European wannabe model, Jaguar has been invited to the outside wedding of KALE and RAIN, a wacky but loving couple who are also friends with a home improvement Realtor named JAMES. JAMES and Jaguar had a brief and torrid affair months prior to the wedding, that ended after James revealed that he was not yet ready for a real commitment. Jaguar shows up to the wedding alone and is immediately spotted by James who now is ready to commit his life to her despite the obvious obstacle of her philandering boyfriend. With the wedding about to start Kale's best man MARK IV takes off with the wedding planners assistant for an impromptu sex romp in the men's bathroom. Mark IV's escapades cause Kale to reflect back on his own private transgressions. He begins to sweat profusely, becoming wildly sick with regret which leads to a bad bout with both diarrhea and nauseam. Meanwhile Rain, Kale's beautiful, highly emotional bride to be is having a bridezilla moment after, discovering that her something blue pendant has been left at home in her panty drawer. Family law requires that if Rain wants to have a successful marriage she must have the pendent in her possession when she says I do to her husband to be. To insure that the wedding goes off without a hitch Mark IV's mentally battered wife WYNN agrees to retrieve Rain's blue pendent from her home. So while Rain freaks out and Kale gets sick with nerves, Wynn and Mark IV (fresh off of the wedding planners assistant) take off on their journey to retrieve the blue pendant. With nothing left to do but wait out the delay to the wedding, James approaches Jaguar and the two ex-lovers try to repair their strained relationship by discussing the ten reasons why men cheat. With each reason we flashback, telling the stories of our three couples. How they got together and why their relationships are falling apart. Ten Reason's Why Men Cheat is not just about the ugly truth behind male infidelity and the secrets that men have been keeping away from women since the beginning of time, but it also gives us a chance to explore how making the right choice of a mate in the beginning of a relationship could be the difference between success and failure when it comes to love.
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