Jolly Good Christmas (2022)

Action, Comedy, Romance
Reshma Shetty, Will Kemp, Sophie Hopkins, Callum Blue
It's the first Christmas in London for New York architect David Burnside, who will spend the big day with his girlfriend of three months, Charlotte Fitzsimmons, and her family. The two are dating with the blessing of her father, who just happens to be his boss, Simon Fitzsimmons of the prestigious architecture firm Fitzsimmons + Associates. David and Charlotte have agreed the Christmas gift-giving between the two will be low key, and partly due to his preoccupation with work, he ends up getting her a gift card. Convinced by his best friend and associate Callum that he needs to get Charlotte something special as this first-ever Christmas gift if he wants brownie points with her but more importantly make a good impression on boss and potential father-in-law Simon, David decides to hire personal shopper and aspiring writer Anji Patel, into whom he has constantly run over the last few days out and about in London. Behind the scenes, Anji is being pressured by her loving parents, Nalini and Sirish Patel, to one day take over their London-pub family business if and when the writing doesn't pan out. Unable to provide her with much information about Charlotte to purchase a meaningful gift on her own, Anji convinces David to take time out of his busy schedule to accompany her shopping. In the process, they get into one misadventure after another in their extended time together at the possible expense of his first big work project at Fitzsimmons. Also, David and Anji make an emotional connection, the difficulty in he even knowing what would be a meaningful gift for Charlotte in combination which may provide some insight into his future with the Fitzsimmons as a collective.—Huggo
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