Mansion of Blood (2015)

Gary Busey, Robert Picardo, Sarah Alami, Bradley Dodds
Millionaire Mason Murphy renovates the haunted Mayhew mansion. He moves his family to the estate with his creepy servant Zacharia (Gary Busey). He plans a tremendous lunar eclipse viewing party to celebrate his return to his hometown of River Ridge Iowa. At the party, a witch casts a spell to summon the spirit of her dead boyfriend. The magic runs out of control under the eclipse and a series of deadly accidents lead to revenge killings and then all the monsters come out as the party guests are murdered one by one. Each murder and death is unique, macabre, and horrifying at the Mansion of Blood. Who, if any, will survive? Horror laced with comedy abounds in this feature with over 60 speaking roles and cameos from the great legendary family names of Hollywood royalty- including silent film star Carla Laemmle.
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