Parallel Worlds: A Psychedelic Love Story (2023)

Action, Musical
Keith David, Marci Miller
A rock band led by fiery ex-lovers Tabatha and Miles, is invited by a mysterious stranger to a recording studio for a mystery job. Their commission: To compose the soundtrack for a romance movie with a classic Hollywood happy ending. But something goes wrong. The band discovers that their music has somehow breached the boundary between reality and "make-believe land" and derailed the happy ending of the film. Desperate to salvage their careers, the band begins the unthinkable task of attempting to change the outcome of a movie through the sheer power of their music. But there's trouble in paradise. Tabatha has been secretly sabotaging the movie with mysterious motivations. And with that the battle is on. Tabatha and Miles square off - each trying to influence the movie's hero, JB, and determine his fate.
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