The Last Heist (2022)

Action, Crime
Emily Wyatt, Terry Stone, Rachel Warren, Sam Gittins
The Last Heist Four Villains... One Dark SecretMeet the firm!Slips (Michael Head) inherited his father, Mick's (Perry Benson), criminal enterprise. Mick had been the local don of a South London criminal family. Unfortunately, Mick shuffled off his mortal coil before giving Slips access to where his ill-gotten gains were stashed.Slips pulls together a team of old school villains, the patriarchal Waldorf (Terry Stone); wise-cracking, lecherous Fisherman (Ricky London); and nervous new gang member, Prozac (Sam Gittens), to liberate the key to Mick's cash from a safe deposit box in a well-secured bank, which is where Slips has concluded his father must have hidden it.Waldorf embraces the job but declares this to be his last heist. The others are all up for it. Unfortunately, in carrying out the job, the team encounter significant obstacles they'd not anticipated. Violence and thuggery is the inevitable upshot.Luckily, they'd agreed before embarking on their criminal enterprise that, after the robbery, they'd all depart to safe houses, the various locations unbeknownst to their comrades, and re-unite six months later in Mick's (now Slips's) club, where the proceeds would be shared and the robbery's successes and failures unpicked.An explosive re-union was always on the cards. Slips is stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to hold everything together, the nervous Prozac seems to be falling apart at the seams, and the wise-cracking Fisherman does not help matters. Waldorf wants to settle a score or two about the conduct of other team members, at least one of whom he suspects is an informant.The job may have gone a bit sideways, but what other dark secrets does the night hold? The fellas have agreed they've just the one night to make sense of this mess before the bell is rung for final orders by Dina (Emily Wyatt) who manages the bar, and each gang-member goes off separately.Is there really a rat on the team? Are the Police closing in? Is something even worse on the cards for this mob?Away from the comfort of their safe houses, each villain is forced to face their fears and they reminisce about their illegitimate career choices. When the facade of the villain is removed, you may be left with a normal man, a father, a son, maybe a friend... But you're certain of one hell of a night!When the shit hits the fan is there really honour amongst thieves, and how far will they go to protect each other, especially if the main threat seems to come from within the group?The Last Heist is inspired by true stories, real events and real people (with the names changed to protect the not-so-innocent). The Last Heist is a witty, gritty, thrilling insight into the real south London criminal underworld - a look at real villains' psyche and ongoing volatile relationships.
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